Nirvana ster perf (Fleming x Vendela) - Our foundation mare


(Rousseau x Nirvana)

2007 Gelding


(Ferro x Nirvana)

2002 Mare


(Idocus x Nirvana)

1999 Gelding

What is Everyone Up To?


The horses that we bred and raise are a big part of our family . . . . and they stay that way! Their new owners become our good friends and we enjoy staying in touch and hearing about all of the activities.


Listed below are activities and accomplishments of our offspring.  We are proud of them and enjoy sharing with you - 'What's Up with . . . . '!


(Ferro x Nirvana)

2004 Mare


(Rousseau x O'Jazzie MW)

2005 Gelding


(Idocus x Nirvana)

2005 Gelding


(Ferro x Nirvana)

2001 Gelding


(Idocus x Nirvana)

2003 Gelding


(Con Brio x Compass Course)

1991 Gelding


(Jazz x Nirvana)

2008 Gelding


(Raport x Annie)

1991 Gelding


(Con Brio x Compass Course)

1993 Gelding


(Riverman x Annie)



(Lemgo x Annie)

1997 Mare

Django 05/10/2008 Gelding - (Jazz x Nirvana)

Owned by: Charlene Saunders, - Raleigh, North Carolina


  • #1 premium, 'Best of Site Dressage Prospect'
  • #4 foal/weanling:dressage for the 2008 North American KWPN Kuering tour


October 2009 - Django left our farm October 17 and arrived in North Carolina October 18. Charlene emailed us and reports the following, with pictures!


Well, even though I had said please don't make the party all about me and Django, nobody listened to me.  It was a total "baby shower" down to the color coordination and baby cards!  They gave me a photo album with his name embroidered on it and some other little things.  I had taken some photos of him in the pasture -- there is something wrong with my camera so the edges are a bit fuzzy. (see below)

Halloween fun at the party too (lobster.jpg) -- don't let the expression fool you, Forrest loved the costume and wore it for the whole party.  However, the rooster (Pickles) lasted about ten minutes.

Between dressing up my dogs and friends throwing a baby shower for a horse, you might get the impression we're nuts.

It was a lot of fun! Lann's husband does gourmet cooking as a hobby and he made the most delicious chocolate cake (not pictured).  We also had a couple different kinds of chili.  Nicole (the friend who had bought a rosenthal baby as a weanling a couple of years ago) came beforehand.  She really liked him -- liked how he moved, his attitude -  how sensible he was.  I had put him in the arena so I could show her his gaits, I didn't have a lunge whip with me -- I think I did more running that he did. ;)